Error Compressing File(s)

Are you getting an error while compressing your files that says “There was an error while compressing your file(s). Please check the file(s) and try again!.”?

If you encountered this error, it means that the destination folder you selected, the app doesn’t have proper permissions to save the output video file(s). To fix this issue, please choose one of the following destination folders:

  • Downloads
  • Documents
  • Desktop

Or, you can manually choose any destination folder by browsing to it and selecting it before you drag your file(s). See the video below:

We are working on an update that should fix this permission issue soon.


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    I just figured out a solution to the Error Compressing File message! In my situation I had the destination file open where the compressed files were going to. After I closed the file it sent the compressed files there no problem! So tip of the week: Make sure your destination file is closed!

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