What’s new in ShrinkIt v1.9.9?

ShrinkIt just released version 1.9.9, which includes some exciting new features and bug fixes. The most recent version of ShrinkIt now allows you to personalize the output video filename by appending a custom suffix of your choice. This feature is a great addition because it allows users to give their compressed videos specific and meaningful names, making them easier to identify and organize.

The second new feature introduced in this version of ShrinkIt is the change in the way files are saved. Previously, ShrinkIt used to override the original or previously compressed file with the same name, but now it will append an incremental value at the end of the filename. This feature is a significant improvement as it allows users to keep track of different versions of the same file easily. For instance, ShrinkIt can now save files as “videofile(1).mov” instead of overwriting the original file, which can be a significant issue if the previous file needs to be recovered.

In addition to these new features, version 1.9.9 of ShrinkIt has also resolved some bugs. The first bug was related to the About ShrinkIt page, which wasn’t displaying correctly in light mode or on older versions of MacOS. The second bug was related to the button used to open the About ShrinkIt page on older versions of MacOS. By fixing these bugs, the ShrinkIt team has made the app more stable and user-friendly.

Overall, the latest version of ShrinkIt is a significant improvement over previous versions, with the introduction of new features and bug fixes that enhance the user experience. The team at ShrinkIt is always looking for ways to improve the app and is open to feedback and suggestions from users. If you have any feedback or suggestions for new features, you can reach out to us at support@espinallab.com.

If you haven’t upgraded to the latest version of ShrinkIt yet, I highly recommend that you do so. The new features and bug fixes make it an excellent tool for compressing your videos while keeping them organized and easily identifiable.

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