What’s new in ShrinkIt v2.0.0?

ShrinkIt v2.0.0 has just been released, and it comes with a new feature that is sure to delight pro users. The latest version now allows users to choose a different output video extension. This means that if you have a video file in one format, say input-video.mov, you can now choose to compress it and output it in a different format, such as output-video.mp4 or output-video.m4v.

This new feature significantly improves on ShrinkIt’s previous version, which only allowed users to output compressed videos in the same format as the input video. The ability to select a different output extension provides users with greater flexibility and control over the output file type, making it easier to use compressed video in various contexts.

For example, if you have a large MOV video file that you want to compress and share online, you can now choose to output it in the widely supported MP4 format. This makes it easier to share the compressed video on social media, video sharing platforms, or other online platforms that have specific file format requirements. Alternatively, you can choose to output the compressed video in the M4V format, which is optimized for playing on Apple devices.

To use this new feature, simply choose the desired output extension from the drop-down menu, and drag your video to compress and convert to the selected format. ShrinkIt will then compress the video using the chosen format and output a new video file with the specified extension.

In addition to the new output extension feature, ShrinkIt v2.0.0 also comes with a number of other improvements and bug fixes.

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