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Previous Version: 2.0.15

ShrinkIt updated to version 2.0.15. Here are the new features and improvements.

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ShrinkIt updated to version 2.0.15

What's new in version 2.0.15?

  • NEW FEATURE FOR PRO USERS: Introducing Folder Monitoring: Streamline your workflow with our latest update! Simply drop your videos into a designated folder, and they'll be automatically compressed, saving you time and effort.
  • Bug fixes: Fixes a bug that was not showing the accurate percentage after compressing videos shorter than 1 MB. Also fixes a bug that was preventing videos from resizing properly using the Custom Size options.
  • Improvements: Improve bitrates of each Video Quality selection to match industry standard values.
  • Optimized Video Quality Selections: We've upgraded the bitrates for each video quality setting to align with industry standards, ensuring your videos not only look better but also meet professional benchmarks

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